Custom Work

When you ‘buy’ fonts, you are actually buying rights to use the font software.

After the purchase, you automatically acquire a single-user licence. As with any other software, fonts are licensed on a per-user basis, so if more than one user needs to work with the fonts, you need to buy a multiple-user licence. But unlike most software licences, our font licence can be extended to include additional users at a fraction of the cost of another single-user licence.

Colophon Foundry takes on custom type commissions and modifications of our current catalogue of typefaces. You can view selected past projects on this site, here.

Your project may require modifications to a few glyphs, across a complete family, an extension into a new language or the creation of a new type family (or families). We are able to create bespoke typefaces of any classification or genre — display or text, and across any platform(s) needed. We have worked extensively with international agencies and clients to create high-quality usable tools that enhance their brand.

To talk to us about a custom project please get in touch via email to  or telephone +44 (0)20 3095 9782and ask for Anthony or Edd.